MTEK INDUSTRY is dedicated to providing professional design and installation of energy systems. Our purpose is to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their alternative energy needs while promoting the economical and environmental benefits. We also have many years of experience in commercial and residential construction.

MTEK INDUSTRY will provide turnkey installations of solar power, Wind power and Solar Thermal systems. We will conduct an extensive site assessment of each project and provide a written report to the client with our proposal. Applications are developed for homeowners, commercial, municipal and industrial needs.

MTEK has experience about the cnc based machinery systems. Last 15 years many cnc system developed by MTEK team in the world.

We walk (and ride) the talk!

We have a genuine passion for what we do, and as one of the industry leaders, it shows. Everyone at MTEK INDUSTRY is committed to creating access to clean, green and affordable energy. With a huge network of energy experts, MTEK INDUSTRY team is the key to our success in supplying the industry’s finest products and service.

Partnering with Energy Matters creates an clean energy solution that is friendly to both the environment and business. Installing solar power on a commercial or community property builds a positive image among stakeholders and demonstrates a solid commitment to practice a more sustainable way of life.

MTEK has a very high experience of the automation system on the industrial application. From machine level till to plant level has got wide experience last 20 years.